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Thursday, June 24th
5:00PM GMT
Olympic Virtual Series: Chase Race
The chase is on! In this series of open challenges, you’ll choose between four categories in a handicap-style race—Group D takes off first, followed by C, then B, then A. The task at hand? Try to stay ahead of the category behind you while catching the category in front of you. All Zwifters of any level or age can join.

The fun lasts for four weeks, with the routes changing after every week.

World: Watopia
Route: Tick Tock
Laps: 2
Lead-in: 1.4 mi // 2.3 km
Total Distance: 22.4 mi // 36.0 km (includes Lead-in)
Total Elevation Gain: 367 ft // 112 m

World: Watopia
Route: Volcano Flat
Laps: 2
Total Distance: 15.4 mi // 24.8 km
Total Elevation Gain: 328 ft // 100 m

World: Watopia
Route: Tempus Fugit
Laps: 2
Lead-in: 1.4 mi // 2.3 km
Total Distance: 22.8 mi // 36.7 km (includes Lead-in)
Total Elevation Gain: 190 ft // 58 m

World: Makuri Island
Route: Flatland Loop
Laps: 2
Total Distance: 16.2 mi // 26.1 km
Total Elevation Gain: 650 ft // 198 m

Go the distance and finish just one ride to unlock the slick in-game kit as well as the official bicycle of the Olympics, the Bridgestone Anchor RS9s—a high-end speed machine that keeps performance tight.

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