Wednesday, September 20th
5:00PM GMT
The HERD Bull Run
Group Ride
Are you looking for a mid paced ride on a Wednesday evening?

Join the Herd as we tackle an assortment of routes, flat and hilly on Wednesday evenings 1800GMT 1900CET with a moderate pace of 1.9-2.2w/kg aiming for a average of 2.0w/kg for the full ride

Get practicing your moo'ing! Auditions for lead cow will take place during the ride.

Respect the leader's pace and ride with the yellow beacon. This is NOT A RACE! Stronger riders are encouraged to fall back and help sweep the riders struggling in the back.

WE DO RUN THE FENCE! The fence is in place to ensure that new group riders don't get caught up with the flyers and have a bad experience. Bear in mind that the fence will move due to changes in speed on the inclines. We ask that you always ride with the yellow beacon. Please pay attention to messages from the ride leader regarding fence intervals and when to regroup.

Join us on Discord during the ride to participate in audio conversation with one another. It will help the time pass by and give you a space to ask all the questions you have about Zwift and Cycling in general: a new window (Please use Push-To-Talk)
Check us out on Facebook: a new window" a new window

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