Choose Where You Want To Go

Choose Where You Want To Go

ON January 28, 2019 by Zwift

Our newest feature is going to change your world. Literally.

Dive into one of two worlds at any given time with Guest World. Everyone’s favorite island, Watopia, is now always open alongside one other changing Guest World – New York, Innsbruck, London, or Richmond.

In Watopia you can ride a number of exciting routes – over a volcano, across Mayan ruins, and even under the sea through a transparent tunnel. Or you can get up close and personal with three worlds based on prominent real-life races with Innsbruck, London, and Richmond. We’ve also got a vision of New York 100 years into the future for anyone who needs a little sci-fi in their life. Five stunning worlds, each offering a variety of flats and climbs for every cyclist.

Choosing where you want to go couldn’t be easier. After connecting to Zwift, the Drop-In screen will pop up, and then it’s decision time. Whatever Guest World is available will be selected by default, and you’ll see a list of Zwifters currently riding there as well as the option to join anyone on that list.

Upcoming events are listed on the right side of the screen and won’t be affected by the selected world. Just below that, you’ll find a Guest World schedule of rotating worlds so you can get excited for the rides ahead.

So, where will you go? The choice is yours!