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How to Be Successful in a Zwift Training Plan

on April 22, 2019

Whether you are preparing for a big outdoor event, looking to build a workout routine, or just striving to beat a PR, a Zwift training plan may be just what you need.

Of course, finishing a multi-week cycling or running training plan is no small feat! We want to support you every step of the way, so here are some tips to help make your training plan experience the best it can be.

Conquer the Calendar

Enjoy the Flexibility

Zwift training plans are flexible, giving you particular time windows to complete workouts and smartly reshuffling the plan based on your activities. Smart time-crunched Zwifters use this flexibility to their advantage. Fit your workouts into life routines and build fitness without reshuffling your entire calendar.

Skipping a Workout

Completing all of your planned workouts is ideal, but nobody’s perfect. It’s okay to miss workouts.

Remember that Zwift training plans are not a test, but a way to help you build structure and consistency into your everyday routine while building fitness. If you skip a workout, your Zwift training plan will automatically adjust to deliver the best workout the next time you’re ready.

Taking Time Off

Training plans cannot be paused. Once you've signed up, you have to complete each phase within a set timeframe. This setup delivers maximum results for your training efforts.

If you miss a phase you won't be able to go back. Instead, move on to the next phase and do your best. Even if you're not getting the full benefit from the plan, what matters most is that you showed up!

Get a Head Start

The Zwift training plan week begins on Monday, so if you enroll in a plan on a non-Monday you will be given pre-plan workouts. These are not generic workouts, but are specifically designed to prepare you for success in your training plan.

If you’re ready to get started, jump in and get to work so you can hit the ground running when Monday arrives. But keep in mind pre-plan workouts are optional and do not count towards the completion of the training plan.

Embrace Recovery

The coaches who designed these plans worked to build in sufficient recovery after each workout. This means that sometimes, your training plan may not have you ride or run as much as you’d like. Take this as a gift! Kick your feet up and enjoy the hard-earned rest.

Remind yourself that we don’t grow stronger during a workout, but afterward, when we recover and adapt to training stress. Each workout is designed to elicit specific responses from your body, but if your body never gets a chance to rebuild, you will not maximize the results you’re working so hard for!

Go Outside

If you’d like to complete your workout outdoors, go for it! Strictly structured training can be a challenge outside, but at least try to make your session similar to the planned Zwift workout in terms of intensity and format. This will help you get the most out of your Zwift training plan.

Plan your outdoor workout using Zwift Companion Workout Viewer, and remember to hit “I Did It” when you log back into Zwift.

Success Factors

Whatever your goals, here are some key actions which will help ensure successful completion of a training plan:

Make It Routine

The best results come from a series of well-structured efforts, and the easiest way to consistently complete those efforts is to build a routine. The ideal routine varies from person to person but can be as simple as training at the same time on the same days every week.

Shoot for the Stars

When you complete an interval properly you will receive a star for that section. Don’t expect to complete every workout interval perfectly, but remember that committing to consistency builds self-accountability.

Shooting for the stars means you’re crushing each portion of each workout, and this provides reliable, motivating reference points which show your improvement over the course of your training plan. And we all know improvement is very motivating!

Prepare for Your Week with Zwift Companion

With the ability to see the full week’s training plan, Zwift Companion helps you consistently complete your workouts. Use the weekly view to plan your schedule and nutrition so you aren’t caught by surprise.

Get At It

We hope this helps you get the most out of your Zwift training plan experience.

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