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This Month On Zwift: January

on January 06, 2021

And just like that, it’s January. Whether you’re new to Zwift or returning to the playground, there’s no better time to work on your fitness goals. And no better way than Zwifting to reach them. This month, go world hopping with a multi-stage tour. Dive into a training plan. Join a virtual racing team. These events are open to all and are included with Zwift membership.


Chase adventure with Tour de Zwift—our biggest event of the year open to riders and runners. The Tour features eight fun-filled stages across Zwift’s worlds and runs from January 4th to February 20th. Tear down the flats. Discover World Championship courses. Climb epic mountains. Postcard-worthy routes await, and you don’t need a passport for this journey.


Get a jump on fitness this January with a complete fitness plan. Our plans are goal-focused, designed to boost your strength and keep you motivated. Forget the gloves when it’s freezing out and hunker down inside with plans tailored toward the winter months.


Zwift races are tough, exhilarating, and fun. And hitting the gas with your friends makes the time fly by even faster. Enter the Zwift Racing League, a multi-division, team-based league of cyclists open to anyone. This season has already begun, but you can still watch races and see results.


Looking to spice up your triathlon training? Get your legs ready for off-road races with a complete series on Zwift. We’ve got workouts and races that will run until the end of February. Compete during race week, and you could win an entry into the 2021 XTERRA® World Championship race in Maui, Hawaii.


Participate in any (or all!) of these events with a free 7-day trial. No credit card necessary, no strings attached, only gains to make. Sign up and explore loads more group events, workouts, and fun activities to level up your fitness. Create your account to get started.