December 5 - January 1

Z Racing
Monthly Series:
Race Like a Pro

Get ready to Race Like a Pro this
month with stages throughout
multiple worlds while sporting
some of the most iconic team
kits in cycling.

individual racing

ZRacing Monthly Series

Ready for a challenge? Whether you’re racing to compete or building fitness, go head-to-head with Zwifters every week all year round. Compete for a new badge every month. Finish this month’s series to find new swag in your Garage.

individual racing
Race Like A Pro
Welcome to the December ZRacing Monthly Series. Get ready to compete on routes inspired by the top pro teams in cycling. Featuring weekly events with a general classification (GC) that resets every month, see how far you can race your way up the leaderboards!


team racing

Zwift Racing League

The second round of the 22/23 Season of Zwift Racing League is underway! Rally your crew every Tuesday for six weeks of next-level camaraderie. Race in your category and level up with your teammates for an out-of-this-world team competition

Round 3 registration begins December 14.

team racing
Zwift Racing League 2022/23 Season
Round 2: November 8 - December 13 | Round 3: January 10 - February 14

elite racing

Highest level of racing on Zwift

Interested in qualifying for the 2023 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships or watching the teams battle in the new and exciting format? You’re in the right place.

elite racing

Zwift Grand Prix

Elite Team Racing

Watch the best teams on Zwift participate in the Zwift Grand Prix, a thrilling event series featuring new and exciting event formats that you won’t want to miss!

Round 5 - Team Elimination Omnium
Men: Friday, December 2 @ 7 pm UTC 
Women: Friday, December 9 @ 7 pm UTC 

Zwift Grand Prix


Herd Beginner Racing

November 5 - November 27

Herd Beginner Racing series is a return to the roots of the Herd Racing League. It's a series where those who aren't the fastest are the feature. Category enforcement will be used in the D category, and post-race subcategories added in ZwiftPower. Learn More On Facebook


November 6 — December 11

VirtuSlo 4Endurance League hosts a race series with seven races over six weeks. Category Enforcement is in effect.

The winner is the rider that crosses the finish line. Mid-race points in the form of KOMs and primes are also up for grabs. Learn more


There are many ways to sign up for a race on Zwift. You can register through the in-game home screen, Zwift.com/events, or the Zwift Companion app.

No matter which option you choose, you can scroll through upcoming events, read the event’s route/course description, and select which category you’d like to join. If you want to look ahead, check out the Zwift Companion app

The monthly racing calendar is HERE.

If you’ve already got the basic equipment required to ride on Zwift, you’re ready to go! If not, you can find more information HERE about what you’ll need. 

Beyond this, here are a few tips and tricks for equipment that will help level up your racing experience. 

  • We recommend that all racers sign up for ZwiftPower. Here you can find your race results, analyze your performances, and see your rankings
  • Connecting to ZwiftPower is quick and simple—to find out more, click HERE.
  • Stay cool with a good fan—racing on Zwift produces a lot of body heat. A few more tips? Make sure you’re well fueled, well hydrated, and your fan on its highest setting!

Individual racing is simple and great for anyone who wants to jump in and compete. Check out the ZRacing series. It features a thematic race every month with one stage per week and multiple opportunities throughout the day to race.

All races are different. Here are few tips to keep in mind: 

  • Fast Start - Zwift races almost always start fast!  Be ready to ramp up your power before the countdown reaches zero. Be prepared to hold this high pace for a few minutes. Don’t worry, it will settle into a more sustainable rhythm, eventually.
  • Conserve Energy - You can benefit from drafting behind other riders just like you would in the real world. Drafting effectively throughout a race can help you conserve energy when you need it most, so try to find a nice spot in the middle of the bunch. Watch the riders nearby list for fluctuations in other riders’ power and decide if you need to match it in order to hold your position.
  • Watch The Gap! - Avoid hovering at the back of the pack. Watch for gaps that might appear in front of you. Losing the gap means losing the draft, which makes keeping up with the group difficult. Staying in the middle of the pack is more advantageous if you want to stay fresh throughout the race.
  • Cadence - Use your trainer as the cadence source when you pair it to Zwift and experiment with different cadences at varying points throughout the race. Start with a slow, out of the saddle grind or a pick up speed in a seated spin. It’s your race! 
  • Climbs - be ready to put out more power when the gradient increases and make sure to keep a smooth cadence on the ascent. Maintain your power over the crest of the hills.
  • PowerUps - PowerUps are a key part of any Zwift racing strategy. Knowing when and how to use specific PowerUps will enhance your racing experience. Read more here.

Research Your Race. Do your homework! Knowing the route will make racing easier. The most effective way to do this is to Google the route name ahead of time.