Get Rolling


It's prime indoor trainer season and
ZRacing is here to propel your racing
fitness and fun forward. Join us for
September’s ZRacing “Get Rolling” Series
and kick off the excitement with Stage 1 on
September 4.

individual racing

ZRacing Monthly Series

Ready for a challenge? Whether you’re racing to compete or building fitness, go head-to-head with Zwifters every week, all year round. Compete for a new badge every month. Finish this month’s series to earn swag for your avatar.

individual racing
Get Rolling
New to Zwift or just getting back into riding for the winter months ahead? We’ve got you covered with some great routes to introduce you to the fun of ZRacing. Stage 1 goes down September 4-10 on the Watopia Flat Reverse route.


team racing

Zwift Racing League

Zwift Racing League is the ultimate Zwift team racing experience. Back for the 23/24 season, Round 1 kicks off on September 12 for 6 weeks of racing. Registration is open now until September 9! For more details, click on the link below.

team racing
Rally your crew and get ready to level up with Zwift Racing League. We’ll see you at the start line on September 12!
World: Scotland
Race 1: Rolling Highlands
September 12th Laps: 3
32.13 km // 19.96 mi
318 m // 1043 ft
World: Makuri Islands
Race 2: Makuri 40
September 19th Laps: 1
40.15 km // 24.95 mi
300 m // 984 ft
World: France
Race 3: Roule Ma Poule
September 26th Laps: 1
27.2 km // 16.9 mi
155 m // 509 ft
World: Yorkshire
Race 4: Tour of Tewitt Well
October 3rd Laps: 2
21.49 km // 13.35 mi
410 m // 1345 ft
World: Makuri Isands
Race 5: Temples & Towers
October 10th Laps: 1
18.7 km // 11.62 mi
150 m // 492 ft
World: London
Race 6: Greatest London Flat
October 17th Laps: 1
31.07 km // 19.30 mi
163 m // 535 ft

Zwift Grand Prix


Returning in October, watch the best teams on Zwift participate in the Zwift Grand Prix, a thrilling event series featuring new and exciting event formats that you won’t want to miss!

Zwift Grand Prix


ICENI Women’s Series

September 2-30

The Iceni Women's Series is back! For this challenge we are taking you to Watopia for some GRAVELICIOUS TIME! Spend your drops on a cool gravel bike and get ready to gravel your way around the Jungle. This challenge will have only finishing points.

SISU Scramble

September 6-28

SISU Racing's latest innovative race series, SISU Scramble, is held weekly in five time zones. Each month has an individual and team general classification with a climb, ITT, criterium and gravel race. Completing the race unlocks the SISU Racing kit. Join the SISU Racing Club in the Companion App for more details.