Virtual Tour de France Stages

Stage 3, July 11

Bonjour France!

R.G.V. starts in the flats of France with a quick sprint before tackling wave after wave of rollers that include two more sprints—Pavé and Ballon—as well as the Aqueduc KOM. Since speed is the name of the R.G.V. game, the lap finishes with another sprint at the start/finish line in the Marina. 

Each lap is 14.9 miles (24 km) and the race is two laps long. There are ten points locations: Sprint 1 (Lap #1), K/QOM (Lap #1), Sprint 2 / (Lap #1), Sprint 1 / (Lap #2), K/QOM / (Lap #2), Sprint 2 / (Lap #2), and Finish (GC and Sprint). 

Need more clarification? Watch the broadcast.