Tuesday, December 20th
12:10PM GMT
STAGE 3: RACE LIKE A PRO— R.G.V (Team Bike Exchange-Jayco)
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Welcome to the December ZRacing Monthly Series!

Get ready to Race Like a Pro throughout multiple worlds while wearing some of the most iconic team kits in cycling. Stage 3 kicks off December 19 - 25 with one lap of the R.G.V. route in France. Here you’ll be riding in the Team Bike Exchange-Jayco kit. This circuit covers the upper, larger loop of the map in a clockwise direction. Careful not to go out too fast. The first 12km is pan-flat while the back half includes a timed KOM and some rollers along the river.

Complete all four routes in this month’s series to pick up the “Race Like a Pro” badge for your trophy case.

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Dates: December 19 - 25
World: France
Route: R.G.V.
Laps: 1
Distance: 24. 96 km // 15.5 mi
Elevation: 133 m // 436 ft

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We love Power Ups and what they bring to racing. Use them as part of your race strategy or simply for a little bit of assistance when needed! For this event, the Power-Ups are:


RACE LIKE A PRO GC - compete in all 4 races during December as a general classification (GC) challenge and shoot for your best combined time over the month! You can improve your time for any event by racing it more than once. if you want to try again. Only your best time will count towards your overall standing.

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STAGE 3: RACE LIKE A PRO— R.G.V (Team Bike Exchange-Jayco) (A) - Race Results
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