Friday, May 26th
5:00AM GMT
Friday Rocacorba Collective - non-coached workout
Group Workout
Experience the Rocacorba Collective weekly workout.

Every Thursday our Training Members are guided by coach Helen Bridgman. In case you missed it or want to have a taste of what and how we train, we are making our workout available every Friday, with no lead. So put on some music and enjoy! You might even find one of our DS´s on the road to chat with.

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Session: Descending Z5 Intervals - VO2 Max Increase

Descending length intervals with increasing effort levels at VO2 Max x 4. Building strength and endurance on the bike plus resistance to fatigue and pushing up FTP.

Warm-up: 5 mins spinning the legs easy before 5x1 min interval ramp up to 100% FTP to get the legs and lungs opened up ready to work. 5 mins easy spin recovery.

Work Blocks: 2-1.5-1-0.5 minute efforts increasing from 108% to 120% FTP. Each recovery is the same length as the preceding interval. Do 3 sets of these total. Recover for 5 minutes really easy between sets.

RPM alternates between high cadence and low cadence with the first and third blocks at 80-90rpm and the second and fourth blocks at 60-70rpm. Spin light and easy at a natural cadence in between blocks.

Cool down, easy spin for 5 minutes at the end.
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