A Look At the 3 Run 13.1 Training Plan

A Look At the 3 Run 13.1 Training Plan

ON 2018年12月8日 by Sean Jefferson
Welcome to your new favorite training plan.

Want to take your running to the next level but don’t have lots of time? Well, we got the perfect plan for you. The 3Run 13.1 training plan brings you up to speed and ready to tackle the tough Half Marathon.

With three runs a week, for up to 16 weeks, it’s very likely that you’ll be setting new personal bests in the 5k, 10k, and half-marathon distances.

The details

The 3Run 13.1 plan is an intermediate level training plan for time-crunched athletes. It averages 23 miles per week and is filled with exactly what’s needed to get race ready. Each week’s interval session, tempo run, and long run progress in effort and distance towards race day and will prepare you to smash your PR.

This plan is loaded with intense runs geared to build speed as well as long runs once a week to get your endurance in place for your next big race. An optional 4th easy run is provided throughout the plan for those who can give an extra hour every week.

I hope you like 400’s because you will be served a healthy portion throughout this plan to improve leg speed.

Get comfortable at sustained paces at speeds faster than half-marathon pace with our weekly tempo run.

The long run starts out at 6 miles and progresses each week, topping out at 12.2 miles three weeks before race day.

And to make things interesting we throw in a 5k test every 4th week. The results of your 5k test will update your paces for the next training block.

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See you on the road!