Zwift Academy Road: Coaches, Tips and Tricks

FTP Test

Determining FTP is one of the best ways to accurately assess your fitness level. Watch the video above or follow the instructions below to find yours. 

  1. There are two ways to find your FTP on Zwift: the ramp test and the standard test. 
  2. First, the ramp test. 
    Find it on the pulldown on the workout screen. 
    It starts with an easy warm-up and incrementally increases until failure.
    Plan on four-to-eight minutes of hard effort during the ramp test. 
    The entire test, with a warm-up and cool down, will take about fifteen-to-twenty minutes. 
  3. Next up, the standard FTP test. There’s a one-hour version and forty-five-minute version on Zwift.
    You can access both from the workout screen.
    The test itself is just 20 minutes. The rest of the workout is a warm-up. If you have a smart trainer,
    the warm-up can utilize ERG mode). 
    Once the 20-minute test begins, Zwift automatically turns off ERG mode so you can control your
    power output rather than relying on the trainer to do it for you. 
    Going in, know that it’s going to hurt. If you’re an experienced cyclist or triathlete, you probably
    have an idea about what sort of wattage you can maintain. If you’re new to FTP tests, start at a
    pace that feels challenging but sustainable for the first 10 minutes.  
    After the first 10 minutes, try to increase your power incrementally. Many find an additional 5 or 10
    watts doable. 
  4. Last five minutes: give it your all. You should finish with nothing left in the proverbial tank.
    Remember, pain is only temporary.
  5. Give yourself a high five. We’re sending you a Ride On from Zwift HQ!