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Community-Led Rides for Zwift Women

on March 12, 2021

They say the greatness of a community is measured by the actions of its members. When it comes to the women on Zwift, no words could be more true. Our women’s community is highlighted during our biggest activation of the year—Zwift Academy.  However, there are amazing athlete-led rides each day, throughout the day! And for every time zone too!

From teaching group ride etiquette to sharing jokes, stories, and tips on giving ‘Ride Ons’ or maybe even joining your first Zwift race, there is a women's group ride for you!

So what are these rides and how can you enter them?

We’ve got your back! This is your one-stop-shop highlighting the variety of paces for women’s rides. We’ll keep you updated with which group is organizing each one, and most importantly, the day and time they occur! To make sure you know how to enter an event, here is a quick How-To.

We know joining your first group ride can be daunting, especially when you don’t know the avatars around you. This is an opportunity to meet some of our amazing athletes, ride leaders, and communities. You’ll feel like you’re part of the crew before joining your first ride! There are no gatecrashers here.
With so many events to choose from, all of these amazing women-led groups love having new members join, so invite your friends and get ready to meet other riders from across the world. After all, cycling is more fun with friends!

Europe Time Zones

ZHCC Ladies

Stemming from their ZHCC group, ZHCC Ladies rides are aimed at Zwifters looking for a ride experience with a more relaxed pace. Lynda and Lori—two regular ride leaders—ensure the group doesn’t race each other and encourage riding together to enjoy a social ride. And for those who love to chat and ride, there is some lively banter on their Discord channel.

BZR Cycling Club

Belgian Zwift Riders (BZR) has been around from the very early days of Zwift, so it’s no surprise that they know a thing or two about the game! These legends love sharing their race craft and will get you motivated for any race on Zwift. For athletes in Europe, this group is a go-to and will leave you waiting for that next flag to drop!

LIV Velocity

LIV are all about making cycling more inclusive to everyone, and their weekly Zwift ride is also aimed at this. From Brand Ambassadors to a surprise pro VIP takeover, their ride leaders will have you counting down the days until the next one! Chat, laugh, and get inspired!


All Women’s Rides within EU time zones can be found at

American Time Zones

3R Ladies

Every weekend at the 3R Women’s Steady Sunday Rollout, a group of women get together to challenge each other and lift each other up. The Steady Sunday Rollout is the first ladies-only ride for the Zwift club 3R. The community was founded with a focus on supporting the World Bicycle Relief charity as they ride and race together, and its members also believe in supporting each other.

Team Twenty24

Anyone who follows Zwift racing will recognize the names of the women of Team TWENTY24 from the top of the leaderboards! While they are super cycling talents, their weekly Road to Paris ride is all about having fun! This steady, social-paced group ride is perfect for getting involved with the Zwift community alongside some of the women who know it best.

Catrina’s Ladies Social Ride

Catrina Weiss has been a champion of women’s group rides for as long as we can remember. An OG Zwifter, (she’s been around since Jarvis Island!) Catrina’s dedicated to creating a safe and encouraging space for women to ride together on her women’s-only rides which take place every Sunday. A four-time Zwift Academy graduate and seasoned ZA ride leader, she will show you the ropes and make you feel right at home.

HERD Ladies

If you’ve been riding in Zwift and have seen messages saying, “Mooooo,” then you may have spotted The HERD! This friendly group prides itself on being welcoming and inclusive. Their members include beginner riders, adaptive riders, and those recovering from illness or injury. The moo’ing is a way they acknowledge each other out on the road, imitating animals like cows that move together in groups.

Revolution Velo Racing

As their name suggests, this group of women have a need for speed and are a team of all-female superstar racers. When they aren’t crushing it with a virtual number pinned on their back, they’re all about helping more women hit new PR’s. They’ve got training rides for all abilities with some nice recce spins thrown in there too. If you’re into riding and chatting with friends, this is the group for you!

All Women’s Rides within American time zones can be found at

Australian Time Zones

Chicks Who Ride Bikes (CWRB)

This group is the largest community of female cyclists in Australia and has been a part of Zwift for the last few years. Led by their founder Jordana Blackman and previous World Champion, Olympian, and now commentator Kate Bates, the CWRB rides are all about inclusivity and helping to answer all your questions!

QueenBee Ladies

They may be based in Australia, but the QueenBee Ladies welcome women from all around the world into their hive.


As their name suggests, AHDRL stems from the Aussie Hump Day Ride (AHDR), one of the longest-running group rides in Australia. Consisting of numerous ride leaders like Michelle Crick, Sharon MacMaster, Selina Green, and Krystle Simpson, these women have helped build a community of like-minded speedsters who encourage each other to get stronger and have fun. There might be some chat about cake, too!

All Women’s Rides within the APAC time zones can be found at

So there you have it! Hopefully some of these rides will become your favorites.  We can’t wait to see you in Watopia!


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