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Tuesday, May 19th
5:30PM GMT
Tour for All 2020: Stage 4 Group Ride
Group Ride

Join the B category to ride with Alexis Ryan! Ride with CANYON//SRAM Racing's Californian woman, Alexis Ryan as she leads the Tour for All ride. Alexis is spending some extra time on the turbo after recently after breaking her collarbone at the end of April. Don't forget to ask Alexis any questions you have!

How do you get to the summit? Work! Find a fellow rider or two, or even a crew, who wants to knock this ride out. Pacing is key. It’s a challenging stage, but the views are worth it!

A – Road to Sky (1 lap)
Longer Ride
Distance: 10.9 mi // 17.6 km
Elevation: 1045 m // 3428’

B – Big Loop Reverse with KOM Finish (Custom distance)
Shorter Ride
Distance: 17.9 mi // 28.8 km
Elevation: 598m // 1962’

C – Muir and the Mountain with QOM Finish (Custom distance)
Women Only
Distance: 12.8 mi // 20.6 km
Elevation: 575 m // 1889’

Please consider contributing to the Tour For All movement by donating to the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)’s COVID-19 Crisis Fund. a new window

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