Zwift goes Down Under

Zwift goes Down Under

ON May 24, 2015 by Andrew Burke

Last week we moved from “invite only beta” to “open beta”.  To celebrate the mile stone we made a trip down to Australia for a little friendly competition.

Our first stop was in Melbourne. Known for its cycling and racing community that has the grit and ability to suffer through the not so nice weather, we knew there would be some strong competition and a whole lot of fun! We put the word out through our friends at Bike Gallery and Rapha Cycle Club that Zwift was looking for the fastest lap time for both men and women. Some of our most active beta testers are from Melbourne, two of which are Shane Miller and his wife Von. Both having been preparing for the event their times were impressive. But first time Zwift user Seda Camgoz Posselt came out and put in the winning time for the womenand Shane taking the mens win with an 11:40 in Melbourne. 

With Shane and Seda joining us, we were off to Sydney for the next round of racing. The Rapha Cycle Club hosted the event for us there. In Sydney the crowd was great with no shortage of talent. With Shane Millers time of 11:25 in Sydney only a few riders came close to knocking Shane off the podium, one close contender a U23 rider Tom Sacre, who put in a lap time of 11:41. On the women’s side regionally ranked racer Lynn Clarke showed up to give Zwift a go and edged out Seda for the overall win with a time of 12:49!

Zwift isn’t all about racing but we are all about having fun! A little competition to get the heart rate up and have a laugh with friends is why we love the cycling community so much. We can’t thank the Zwift community in Australia enough for coming out, participating and being great hosts. A special thank you to Bike Gallery and RaphaCC for opening up their doors to us. Stay tuned for more on some of the stand out riders from the events in up coming rider spotlights.

* photos by Andy White  and Corin Dimopoulos